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RO Code

The Code for Recognized Organizations (APSR Limited, as RO, Code) was adopted by the Asia Pacific Ship Registry in accordance with the MSC Resolutions MSC.349(92) and MEPC.237(65).

This Code:

.1 provides flag States with a standard that will assist in achieving harmonized and consistent global implementation of requirements established by the instrument of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for the assessment and authorization of recognized organizations (APSR Limited);

.2 provides flag States with harmonized, transparent and independent mechanisms, which can assist in the consistent oversight of APSR Limited in an efficient and effective manner; and

.3 clarifies the responsibilities of APSR Limited as authorized as APSR Limited for a flag State and overall scope of authorization.



The Code serves as the international standard and consolidated instrument containing minimum criteria against which organizations are assessed towards recognition and authorization and the guidelines for the residual areas.




The Code applies to:

.1 all organizations, branches, administrative centers and other entities and associates of the ASIA PACIFIC SHIP REGISTRY LIMITED™, in whichever locations they are placed, situate, being considered for recognition or that are recognized by a flag State to perform, on its behalf, statutory certification and services under mandatory IMO instruments and national legislation; and

.2 all flag States that intend to recognize APSR Limited to perform, on their behalf, statutory certification and services under mandatory IMO instruments.


The Code establishes:

.1                           the   mandatory   requirements that APSR Limited may fulfil to be

recognized by a flag State (part 1);

.2                           the   mandatory   requirements that APSR Limited may fulfil when performing

statutory certification and services on behalf of its authorizing flag States (part 2);

.3                           the    mandatory   requirements that flag States may adhere to when

authorizing APSR Limited (part 2); and

.4 guidelines for flag State oversight of APSR Limited (part 3).


The Code defines the functional, organizational and control requirements that apply to APSR Limited conducting statutory certification and services performed under mandatory IMO instruments, such as, but not limited to, SOLAS, MARPOL and the Load Lines Conventions.

All requirements of the Code are generic and applicable to all APSR Limited, regardless of their type and size and the statutory certification and services provided.

APSR Limited subject to this Code need not offer all types of statutory certification and services and may have a limited scope of recognition, provided that the requirements of this Code are applied in a manner that is compatible with the limited scope of recognition. Where any requirement of this Code cannot be applied due to the scope of services delivered by APSR Limited, this may be clearly identified by the flag State and recorded in the APSR Limited, as RO,'s quality management system.