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Business Advisory

Asia Pacific Ship Registry advisory group’s proactive work creates smooth sailing of our client’s business through assistance in identification and elimination of constraints.

  • Condition Assessment and Improvement
  • Marine & Industrial Project Management
  • Comfort for Seafarers
  • Advice, Training and Assessment
  • Measurement, Evaluation and Solution
  • Fatigue Life Calculation


Services provided by Asia Pacific Ship Registry Business Advisory

Assessment & Certification

  • Condition Assessment (CAP Rating) of ships
  • Techno-Commercial Assessment of marine and industrial structures
  • Residual life assessment of marine, offshore and industrial structures
  • Service provider approval
  • Type approval for Material and Instruments
  • Safety Audit/Navigation Risk Assessment
  • Ship Energy Audit and Risk Management Audit


Test, Measurement & Analysis

  • Noise & Vibration Measurement
  • Condition Monitoring of the ship machinery
  • Prediction of Noise  and Vibration onboard ship and other industries
  • Thermo graphic Analysis of machinery
  • Evaluation and analysis of structural strains
  • Advanced hydrodynamic analysis of structures


Consultancy Services

  • Projects Management Consultancy
  • Preparation of Plans & Procedure as per classification and statutory requirements
  • Advisory Services on regulatory matters
  • Advisory Services to shipyard development
  • Specification Services
  • Supervision during construction and major modifications


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