Product Assurance

Risk Based Inspection Planning & Management

AP Class delivers the business solutions you need to build, maintain, and protect your brand.

We provide evaluation and advisory services for all aspects of your product, above and beyond regulatory compliance. The strengths and weaknesses of your product and supply chain are revealed through our brand development and quality assurance services. From development and design to launch and retail strategy, our global network brings you the data, intelligence, tools, and opportunities you need to ensure your product has the best advantage in the market.

AP Class helps you build, maintain, and protect your brand with the following service offerings:

Reinforce the safety of your products with Intertek’s unparalleled safety services.

Meeting regulatory requirements alone does not ensure product safety. Several other elements—including design hazards, physical hazards, and foreseeable use—need to be evaluated to identify the overall risk associated with a product and heighten its marketability.

AP Class takes your product beyond regulatory compliance to reduce your risk when it is used by consumers of all ages.

Our safety services include:

  • Product Evaluation: Assess and address potential product hazards both seen and unforeseen with evaluation services that utilize Intertek’s innovative technology and data collection and analysis.
  • Product Consulting: Use the science behind safety to explore a better approach to your product. When it comes to product safety, we can provide insight and guidance on design, development, implementation, usage, and more.
  • Product Safety Training: Know all the relevant safety issues for your product with Intertek’s safety training courses. Our expert-guided sessions give you the tools you need to protect your brand by properly addressing product safety and developing cost-effective solutions that minimize risks and hazards.
  • Safety Business Process: Intertek’s experts take a collaborative approach to implementing safety into your business plan through product assessment, process governance, and documentation. This tailored service helps improve overall safety performance at the business level, rather than with just a specific product.

Intertek, the world’s leading expert on product safety, including international safety lawyers and product testing authorities, offers a product safety training that addresses key issues involved with integrating safety into your business process.

Product safety training is appropriate for anyone involved in the production of products consumed by the general public. The training content introduces key safety principles, and outlines the components necessary for companies and professionals to implement a process that will produce the safest product possible.

Manufacturers can test and certify their product once for a large market and get acceptance in many countries. We are here to help you. 

Specific for EU Product Directives is the requirement on CE-marking the product. For these services we can assist as a Notified Body.

Functional Safety

Functional Safety is a critical part of safety systems or safety equipment. It concerns the correct operation of the system or equipment in response to received inputs as well as the safe management of failure modes such as operator error, hardware or software failure. Confidence in safety-related systems using functional safety is the gold standard in high risk sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Process Control, Nuclear, Machinery and Transportation.

Pipe systems, tanks, pressure vessels and associated equipment are exposed to degradation such as corrosion, fatigue and mechanical damage which lead to corresponding threats of fire, explosions and shut-downs. These threats need to be managed in a systematic approach to safeguard life, environment and property. To do so, the associated risks need to be identified and managed in a recognized and trustworthy manner.

Traditional inspection methodologies can work on a fixed period basis whereas in the context of Risk Based Inspection, risk is considered as the product of the consequence and the probability of a failure event. This ensures that the objects with high risk are prioritized and items with insignificant risk can be given less attention. Successful implementation of Risk Based Inspection by AP Class ’s customers has been shown to both reduce maintenance costs and improve process availability.

How can we help?

There is a structured way to manage the associated economic, safety and environmental risks in a systematic, documented and recognized approach. AP Class has developed and offers a full range of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Planning and Management services for piping, tanks and pressure vessels.

The objective of the RBI Planning and Management activities is to ensure safe and cost-optimized integrity management of containment systems on the plant, and thus, maximize the availability and production regularity while at same time ensure the safety for personnel.

The inspection management system also ensures an efficient experience transfer between different disciplines and locations and is a tool for continuous improvement.

The methodology is in accordance with recognized standards such as API 580, APC RP G101 and the upcoming prEN 16991 Risk Based Inspection Framework.

Our services

AP Class offers services tailored to our customer’s organization, assets and needs. This can be categorized as the following:

  • Training and experience exchange within Risk Based Inspection.
  • Facilitation of RBI processes including GAP assessments and later potential technical audits of performance.
  • Technical advisory within RBI, including performing the analysis and implementing the results.
  • Risk Based Inspection management of the asset including day to day management of inspection, testing and monitoring activities.