Current Marine Notices

These are currently valid Marine Notices that are issued to draw attention to a regulation or other legal requirement.


18 of 2014(link is external)  EPIRB and PLB Performance Standards for under 15m Fishing Vessels

14 of 2014(link is external) Revision of Code of Practice for the Design, Construction, Equipment and Operation of Small Fishing Vessels of less than 15m

03 of 2014(link is external)  Electro Technical Officers (ETO) & Electro Technical Rating (ETR) Certificates of Competency - New Requirements under the "Manila Amendments"

02 of 2014(link is external)  Revalidation of Certificates of Competency - new requirements under the "Manila Amendments"

01 of 2014(link is external)   STCW Convention & Code: "the Manila Amendments" - Security Training


67 of 2013(link is external)  Amended Seafarer Medical Certificate - Form 3 (ENG11) from 1st January 2013

64 of 2013(link is external)  Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) - Manufacturer's Identification Code (MIC) Register & Notified Body Code (NBC) Register

61 of 2013(link is external) - Maritime Security Measures for Vessels Operating on Domestic Voyages in Ireland

42 of 2013(link is external) - Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) Guidance Notice

06 of 2013(link is external) - International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea

02 of 2013(link is external) - Liability of Carriers of Passengers by Sea in the Event of Accidents


66 of 2012(link is external) - International Energy Efficiency Certificate (MARPOL Annex VI)

63 of 2012(link is external) - European Union (Rights of Passengers when Travelling by Sea and Inland Waterway) Regulations 2012

62 of 2012(link is external) - Watchkeeping at Anchor

60 of 2012(link is external) - Periodic Servicing and Maintenance of Launching Appliances on board Fishing Vessels

56 of 2012(link is external) - Alcohol and Drugs on board Pleasure Craft

45 of 2012(link is external) - Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids

35 of 2012(link is external) - MARPOL Annex V (Garbage) - Revised 2011

27 of 2012(link is external) - Standards of Materials, Fixtures and Fittings Acceptable for use on Class Exempt Unlicensed Vessels

22 of 2012(link is external) - European Communities (Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information System)(Amendment) Regulations 2012.[S.I. 71 of 2012]

13 of 2012(link is external) - Irish Ship Radio Licence and EPIRB Database

06 of 2012(link is external) - Fitness for Duty STCW 2010 (Manila) Requirements


60 of 2011(link is external) - Port State Control (PSC) and Vessel Traffic Monitoring (VTM) Reporting Requirements

59 of 2011(link is external) - Insurance of Shipowners for Maritime Claims

58 of 2011(link is external) - Electrical Systems in Small Craft

56 of 2011(link is external) - Recreational Craft Directive

55 of 2011(link is external) - Anti - Fouling Systems (AFS) Convention - Ratification by Ireland

54 of 2011(link is external) - Lifeboat Release Mechanisms - Adoption of Amendments to SOLAS

51 of 2011(link is external) - Training Required for ECDIS as Primary Means of Navigation

47 of 2011(link is external) - Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention

42 of 2011(link is external) - STCW Convention and Code: The Manila Amendments

39 of 2011(link is external) - First Aid Training Requirements for Masters of Passenger Boats

21 of 2011(link is external) - 2010 Guidelines for Survey and Certification of Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships

18 of 2011(link is external) - Passenger Ship requirements for Search and Rescue Co-operative Plans under SOLAS

17 of 2011(link is external) - Format for Reporting Alleged Inadequate Port Reception Facilities

16 of 2011(link is external) - Carriage of Inflatable Liferafts Onboard Small Fishing Vessels

13 of 2011(link is external) - Maintenance of Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Software.

12 of 2011(link is external) - International certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft (ICC)

10 of 2011(link is external) - Port Waste Reception and Handling (PWRH) Plans

09 of 2011(link is external) - Port Reception Facilities for ship Generated Waste and Cargo Residues - Warships and Government Ships

08 of 2011(link is external) - Port Reception Facilities for Ship Generated Waste and Cargo Residues - Recreational Craft, Passenger Boats and Fishing Vessels

07 of 2011(link is external) - European Communities (Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information System) Regulations 2010

06 of 2011(link is external) - Administrations with whom Ireland has entered into agreements for the recognition of Certificates of Competency for Merchant Ships.

05 of 2011(link is external) - European Communities (Ship Source Pollution) Regulations 2010

04 of 2011(link is external) - Implementation of the Maritime Larbour Convention 2006

03 of 2011(link is external) - Port State Control - Details of Reporting Obligations for Vessels <300Gt and Non-AIS (Automatic Identification Systems) Equipped Vessels Under the New Inspection Regime

02 of 2011(link is external) - Port State Control - Commencement of New Inspection Regime on 1st January 2011


35 of 2010(link is external) - Documents required by a radio operator in order to operate the ship radio station on board an Irish ship

20 of 2010(link is external) - Marpol Annex VI Amendments (Air Pollution)

17 of 2010(link is external) - Sulphur Content of Marine Fuels

16 of 2010(link is external) - Safe Manning, Hours of Work and Watchkeeping

02 of 2010(link is external) - Maritime Radio Operator Certificates of Competency Fees


45 of 2009(link is external) - Carriage of Nautical Publications in Digital Format

42 of 2009(link is external) - Entry into force of the European Communities (Port Reception Facilities for Ship-Generated Waste and Cargo Residues)(Amendment) Regulations 2009.

37 of 2009(link is external) - Amendments to Chapter III of SOLAS 1974

36 of 2009(link is external) - Entry in to force of the Sea Pollution (Prevention of Pollution by Sewage from Ships) Regulations 2006 for Existing Vessels on 1st August 2010

28 of 2009(link is external) - Publication of the Third Maritime Safety Package in the Official Journal of the European Union

23 of 2009(link is external) - The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code

21 of 2009(link is external) - SafeSeasIreland - Implementation

15 of 2009(link is external) - Review of Port Facility Security Assessments

12 of 2009(link is external) - Requirements for Voyage Data Recorders or Simplified Voyage Data Recorders on Cargo Ships of 3000GT or more, constructed before 1st July 2002

05 of 2009(link is external) - Safety Regulations for Fishing Vessels

04 of 2009(link is external) - Compliance with the International Convention on Civil Liability For Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001


66 of 2008(link is external) - Carriage Requirements for Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) for Fishing Vessels of 15M in length overall and over but less than 24M in length

64 of 2008(link is external) - SafeSeasIreland - Implementation of Directive 2002/59/EC (EU Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information System.

58 of 2008(link is external) - Long Range Identification and Tracking of Ships (LRIT) Authorised Testing Application Service Providers (ASP) for Irish Flag Ships

52 of 2008(link is external) - Compliance with the International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001

51 of 2008(link is external) - Compliance with the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships (AFS Convention)

50 of 2008(link is external) - Approved Training Course Providers under STCW 78/95

47 of 2008(link is external) - Certificates of Equivalent Competency English Language Requirements

44 of 2008(link is external) - Compliance with MARPOL Annex IV (Sewage Pollution Prevention) by Existing Ships on International Voyages from 27 September 2008

40 of 2008(link is external) - Rules of Equivalency for Commercially Operating Sailing craft less than 24m and 80 GT engaged in Sail training to operate as a P6 ComSail Passenger Boat

33 of 2008(link is external) - Marine Casualty Reporting

30 of 2008(link is external) - Long Range Identification and Tracking of Ships (LRIT) SOLAS V/19-1

17 of 2008(link is external) - Temporary Authorisation to Load or Unload a Bulk Cargo - S.I. 347 of 2003 (European Communities Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk Carriers) Regulations 2003

13 of 2008(link is external) - New Requirements over a Transition Period for Certification of Ship Security Officers (SSO) on Board Irish Ships in Accordance with STCW 78/95, Chapter VI.

10 of 2008(link is external) - SOLAS Vessels Interacting with Non-ISPS Ports


42 of 2007(link is external) - Implementation of IMO Unique Company and Registered Owner Identification Number Scheme

41 of 2007(link is external) - Advisory Notice on Application of: EU Regulation 336/2006 of the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) to Vessels Operating Solely on Domestic Voyages within Irish Waters.

33 of 2007(link is external) - Anti-Fouling Systems (AFS) Legislation

32 0f 2007(link is external) - New Safety Regulations for Fishing Vessels of 15m in Length Overall and Over but Less Than 24m in Length

30 of 2007(link is external) - Enforcement of Marpol Annex VI in the North Sea Sulphur Emission Control Area SECA

22 of 2007(link is external) - Preparation of Hazardous and Noxious Substances Pollution Emergency Plans

02 of 2007(link is external) - Advisory Notice of Application of: EU Regulation 725 /2004 and EU Regulation 336/2006 on International Safety Management Code, to Vessels Operating Solely on Domestic Voyages Within Irish Waters

01 of 2007(link is external) - Control of Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer


27 of 2006(link is external) - Carriage of Dangerous Goods within Irish Waters for Domestic Cargo Carrying Ships

25 of 2006(link is external) - Changes in Requirements for Ships Subject to SOLAS, Chapter IV, concerning the Maintenance of EPIRBs

24 of 2006(link is external) - Weighing Goods Vehicles before Loading onto Ships

23 of 2006(link is external) - Application of ISPS Code to Irish Registered Vessels

16 of 2006(link is external) - Intact Stability & Damage Survivability/Swamping in Relation to Open and Partially Decked Class V Passenger Ships and Unsubdivided Class VI Passenger Ships Carrying Less Than 101 Passengers (Other than those Operating on Rivers or Canals where the Depth of Water is Generally Less Than 1.5 Metres in Depth)

11 of 2006(link is external) - Fitting of Flush Deck Hatches in Passenger Boats Merchant Shipping (Passenger Boat) Regulations S.I. 273 of 2002

04 of 2006(link is external) - Merchant Shipping (Passenger Boat Manning) Regulations 2005 (S.I. No. 649 of 2005)


33 of 2005(link is external) - Amendments to the Department's Publication Examinations for Certificates of Competency for Fishing Vessels, Deck Officer Requirements

32 of 2005(link is external) - Changes in Procedures in Relation to Eyesight Testing of Candidates for Examination for a Fishing Vessel Deck Officer Certificate of Competency

30 of 2005(link is external) - Seafarer Medical Examination System, Medical & Eyesight Standards and List of Approved Doctors

27 of 2005(link is external) - (1) Merchant Shipping (Passenger Boat Manning) Regulations 2005.              (2) Nomination of Irish Sailing Association as Appointed Body under Regulations

24 of 2005(link is external) - Solo Sailing and the Requirement for Compliance with the International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea

21 of 2005(link is external) - Certificates of Competency Domestic Sea-Going Passenger Vessels Carrying Less Than 100 Passengers

20 of 2005(link is external) - International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code

18 of 2005(link is external) - Establishment of a Mandatory Ship Reporting System for the Western European Particularly Sensitive Sea Area

15 of 2005(link is external) - Guidelines for Correct Procedures when Encountering Whales and Dolphins in Irish Coastal Waters

08 of 2005(link is external) - Carriage of Non-SOLAS Inflatable Liferafts on-board Small Fishing Vessels

06 of 2005(link is external) - Requirements for Individuals, and Companies engaged in the Construction, Importation, and Sales of Recreational Craft to comply with the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directives EU 94/25 and EU 2003/44


24 of  2004(link is external) - Port and Sea Areas

14 of  2004(link is external) - International Ship & Port Facility Security Code and SOLAS Amendments 2002 (Isps Code)

12 of  2004(link is external) - Radio Operators Short Range Certificate of Competency

11 of  2004(link is external) - Sea Areas, EU Directive 2003/25/EC

10 of  2004(link is external) - International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code

04 of  2004(link is external) - Index of Maritime Legislation and Marine Notices Relevant to Fishing Vessels


18 of 2003(link is external) - EC (Port Reception Facilities for Generated Waste and Cargo Residues) Regulations 2003

10 of 2003(link is external) - Merchant Shipping (Passenger Boat) Regulation 2002

9 of 2003(link is external) - Application of Solas Chapter V to Recreational Craft


Not available


4 of 1989(link is external) - Watertight Subdivision Arrangements for Passenger Ships - Guidelines for Use and Operation of Watertight Doors