Our Services

From its world headquarters in London, UK, AP Class delivers services and solutions to a worldwide client list through a network of local representative offices in 70 countries. 


More Services


We offer customizable services for all vessel types, including containerships, tankers and bulk carriers that include design analysis, plan review and approval. In addition, we now offer powerful ship inspection and maintenance management software to be placed in the office and on board all newbuild vessels contracted to AP Class class.

Offshore Energy

We are among the best to venture into offshore oil and gas operations, certifying the best of mobile offshore drilling units. Today, we are a global leader in classifying offshore exploration units and floating production units.

Gas Solutions

AP Class is the market leader in offshore unit classification, and sets the standard for the world’s largest, most advanced liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered ships. AP Class is the world’s premier classification society for carriers specializing in the transport of LNG and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). 

Nautical Systems

At AP Class Nautical Systems, maritime and offshore is our focus. Our software design, implementation approach, industry expertise and ongoing support capabilities reflect a deep history in the maritime sector. We offer a unique understanding of the challenges in the marine business supported by the depth and breadth of experience of AP Class.   

Asset Performance

We offer asset performance with services that help optimize your operations, environmental performance, environmental efficiency and vessel performance.  Our Nautical Systems provides software and services that focus on management of maintenance, workforce and supply chain.

Type Approval

When we grant AP Class Type Approval for a product, a manufacturer obtains an immediate range of benefits, including reduced administration and potentially greater market penetration. 

Global Governance

AP Class provides trusted technical advisory services for government vessels anywhere around the globe. Our team delivers unequaled experience accumulated over 100 years of work with the US Navy, US Coast Guard, and other government ship owners supporting uninterrupted global force projection, law enforcement, research, survey, and logistics operations. AP Class is the world’s most experienced and largest Government class organization, with more than 200 classed government vessels.

Environmental Performance

As responsible stewards of the environment, shipowners and shipbuilders must be mindful of domestic, international and industry environmental requirements. Many environmental regulations impact maritime transportation and the marine offshore industry.

Vessel Performance

Energy costs are rising. Environmental impact reports are receiving more scrutiny. New industry regulations are streaming down at break-neck speed. Now, more than ever, maritime operators are looking to get ahead of the regulatory curve, lower fuel consumption and improve energy operations throughout their fleets. AP Class’ Asset Performance Management (APM) team is here to assist our clients address the ever growing environmental regulations and performance metric requirements of today toward optimum resource efficiency.  

Energy Efficiency

By necessity, the shipping industry is adopting a more energy-efficient transportation model. AP Class is providing guidance and aids ship owners and operators to make informed decisions along the way.

Cyber Security

The AP Class program defines a scalable approach that can be applied to a single component as well as a multi-system suite of assets. The program also can be used with industry regulatory mechanisms within or external to the marine and offshore industries to achieve sustainable, measurable and secure asset condition.