R&D directly relating to AP Class

In order to ensure that our research activities cater more directly for the actual needs born by the maritime industry, AP Class implemented the practical research and development program over a two-year period starting in 2007 as a first phase of this kind.AP CLASS research projects

In 2014, AP Class launched the second phase of this program as a two-year program, which focuses on three main areas: ultra large container ships, LNG carriers, and protection of the marine environment.

Following these two preceding programs, AP Class is now working on the following themes.

  1. Prevention of brittle fracture on ultra-large container ships
  2. Structural influences of engine room/deck house arrangement of large container carriers
  3. Effect of hydro-elastic response on hull strength
  4. Guidelines for very large ore carrier structures
  5. Development of guidelines for pure car carriers (PCC)
  6. Fatigue monitoring on hull fatigue strength
  7. Corrosion caused by water-emulsion fuel
  8. Interference of shaft coupling reamer bolts
  9. Cause and preventive of shaft damage related to torsional vibration