Certificate in Maritime Safety Management and the ISM Code

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Starts 21st March 2018

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Examine Maritime Safety Management and the ISM Code

If you are planning to open a shipping company with merchant ships to ply on international waters for export and import of cargo, one of the first thing to be eligible to do this business is to comply with International Management code for safe operation of ship and pollution prevention .

International Safety Management Code is a set of guidelines for shipping companies and its employees, both on ship and shore, to ensure that the ship and the companies are operating as per guidelines of SOLAS i.e. safety is never compromised and pollution awareness is present.

Understanding DOC

A Document of Compliance or DOC is issued to a company based on the type of ship. This means that the DOC will be different for different type of ships i.e. if company have10 containers and 10 oil tankers then 2 different DOC will be issued, one to the container fleet and other to the tanker fleet.

DOC is issued under the authority of flag state government by successfully auditing and reviewing companies SMS and its implementation.

As per ISM code under SOLAS chapter IX, a company shall be issued with Document of compliance (DOC) and its ships are issued with Safety Management Certificates (SMC) only after ensuring that the company has a Safety Management System (SMS) and all ships are operated as per the SMS.

Safety management is a critical factor in marine operations. This 12 week tutored online learning programme develops key understanding into how maritime safety management and the ISM Code is implemented in order to ensure safety.

Interim DOC

  • An interim DOC is issued to a newly established company or when a new type of ship is added in the company
  • The company is requested to submit SMS implementation plan and 12 months are given to the company for fulfilling the ISM requirements.
  • The company shall undergo initial audit, and in case of newly built shipping company within the validity period of interim DOC i.e. 12 months.
  • The company shall undergo additional audit in case new ship type is added to the shipping company within the validity period of interim DOC i.e. 12 months.
  • For a new company, further document review is conducted prior to the audit by administration.

Short Term DOC

  • A short term DOC is issued on the day of the audit by the administration auditor as a response or proof of completion of the initial, annual or renewal audit process.
  • Validity of short term DOC is 5 months.


  • It is issued by the administration after successful completion of initial audit or fulfilment or interim DOC requirements.
  • Issued after at least three months of implementation of SMS at the company and at least one ship in the fleet for which DOC is concerned.
  • The validity of DOC, after initial audit is 5 years from the next date of expiry and it is subjected to annual audit.
  • If a Major NON Conformity is found in the audit, the DOC is withdrawn.
  • The DOC is kept with the company and copy is kept in all the ship under that DOC fleet.

Understanding SMC

 A Safety Management Certificate is issued to the ship of a DOC holding Company by the administration.

Every individual ship must have a SMC which ensures that it complies with the onboard Safety Management Manual based on ISM.

If a company owns 25 oil tanker ships, then SMC is issued to each ship with total of 25 SMC.

SMC is issued after successfully auditing the ship for making sure that it is operating as per the SMS based on ISM code.

The course continues to explore how compliance with maritime safety codes and regulations is just the beginning - and that creating an effective safety culture within an organisation can save even more than just lives.

When: 21st March 2018
Where: Delivered online with the support of leading industry experts
Duration: 12 weeks, part-time

Ideal for: Ship owners, liner and passenger company personnel, mariners, officers, compliance, audit and training managers, lawyers and government specialists

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