Cyber Awareness & Security

AP Class continues to lead marine and offshore innovation. In a constantly evolving industry, AP Class works alongside its partners tackling the most pressing technical, operational and regulatory challenges so that the marine and offshore industries operate safely, securely and responsibly.classification society cyber security

With the AP Class CyberSecurity program, shipowners, shipyards, designers, vendors and ship managers have the tools and knowledge needed to help mitigate risks connected to cybersecurity, software quality, and data integrity. The AP Class CyberSafety program comprises:

  • A review of the Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT) onboard an asset
  • A review of owner/operator cyber capabilities
  • An assessment of cyber risks
  • A management system audit
  • A software systems review.

Tests designed to evaluate asset risks may be run in the AP Class purpose-built Virtual Vessel Laboratory. Final testing and verification will be made for each asset through initial survey on board and annual renewal surveys.

In addition to the certification of compliance, a private classification notation can be provided that indicates the level of cyber preparedness of the owners and operators, people, processes, procedures, vessels, and assets.

The AP Class program defines a scalable approach that can be applied to a single component as well as a multi-system suite of assets. The program also can be used with industry regulatory mechanisms within or external to the marine and offshore industries to achieve sustainable, measurable and secure asset condition.  

AP Class continues its work with industry partners, IACS and the U.S. Coast Guard to develop products that will assist in assessing and implementing effective cybersecurity in information and operational technologies.  


The AP Class CyberSafety program may require a software systems review for compliance with criteria that enhance the robustness of the industrial control software and will maximize capabilities against cyber threats. Hardware in the loop testing may be incorporated and for software providers a Type Approval scheme is available.    


Safety decisions require secure systems that lend confidence to data integrity. Transmission security, secure storage and quality of service all contribute to the security and value of data. Enhancing system security will remove uncertainty in operations.